Who we are

Filovault Crypta is the first dedicated records storage and management company in Lebanon. We offer a complete solution to relieve companies and organizations from the headache of storing, managing, and organizing their documents. Filovault Crypta is the Leading Records and Information Management Solution Provider in Lebanon. We offer innovative documents/data storage & management solutions that preserve intellectual and knowledge capital, protects data, and enables progress. Combining 12 years of experience in the local market with 4 years of regional exposure, Filovault Crypta has gained tremendous growth in the industry. Our customer portfolio is continuously growing due to our consistent effort in delivering a flawless customer experience.

Competences & Benefits

Security: Solutions that are based on high standards and strict policies in information and physical security
Confidentiality: Helps companies better maintain the confidentiality of their information through different strategies
Accessibility: Our solutions, agility, and scalability guarantee access to information whenever needed by the client
Preservation: Our solutions focus on long term preservation and conservation of records and information
Compliance: Helps clients to being compliant with the international rules and regulations
Business Continuity: Helps clients reduce their risk, ensure business continuity, and gain competitive advantage in case of any unfortunate event

Our services will provide your organization with significant benefits by:
• Enabling you to focus on your core business
• Improving your profitability through significant cost & time savings
• Maximizing information safety, security, and confidentiality
• Optimizing information accessibility and administration efficiency